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6 Easy Steps to Looking Alicia Florrick Chic

The Good Wife's lawyer lead Alicia Florrick, played with impenetrable confidence by Julianna Margulies, is every business-minded woman's style icon. Whether she's in the courtroom or at the office, Florrick projects strength with her choices. "I think there's power in looking feminine," the show's costume designer Dan Lawson says of his intended aesthetic. "That's what I want to come across on the show: You can look powerful and elegant and also look feminine. You don't have to look masculine to rule the room." Here, just in time for Sunday's season six finale, Lawson's top five tips to channeling Florrick-level finesse in your own life:


6. Invest in a Serious Carryall

"You need a good bag," Lawson says. "I'm not talking about a purse. You need something to carry your business papers in with your wallet. It should look business-y, but still have the feel of elegance. Clean lines are great." He recommends a brand called Muska Milano, which makes high-end but reasonably priced leather bags. "I use them on the show all the time and we always have people write in about them," Lawson adds.

2. Identify Your Weaknesses

"You need to make sure any piece you pull out of your closet fits you," Lawson emphasizes. "Don't keep things that don't fit. Do you actually like it? Does it fit? Is it sitting there taking up space? If so, get rid of it." Once you've purged, pick out some key staples like a good skirt. "That's a good first step," Lawson says. "Figure out if you need a pencil skirt, an A-line skirt, or a straight skirt." Other staples you should look for include a good, long-sleeved dress and a black pair of shoes in suede or leather.

3. Build A Column Of Color

Lawson has a trick he's dubbed the "column of color," which involves layered colors in a way that flatters the body. "The inner outfit should be all one color, be it black or grey, and then the outer layer is another," he explains. "That puts across a stronger core and consequently a more powerful, strong look. I do that pretty regularly on the show. I may put Julianna in a black tank and a black skirt and then I'll put a different colored jacket over it so her core is one color. That's a stronger look."

4. Pick A Focal Point

"One mistake women make is that they'll wear a brightly colored piece and then they'll add a necklace and big earrings and have so many big things going on at one time in the outfit," Lawson says. "Pick one piece, whether it's a piece of jewelry or a dress or whatever. That will be the star of the outfit. Let all the other pieces play a supporting role to that item. That way you won't look so chaotic, and overall, you end up with a more unified look."

6. Throw On a Coat of Arms

Once you have your outfit sorted out, you don't want to ruin it with a coat that doesn't work. "What I do on the show is that we always make sure that when someone tries on a coat, they are wearing a suit underneath," Lawson says. "You need to have room. You don't want to feel like you're stuffed in the coat. The length of the coat is very important—a short, mid-length coat does not read business."



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